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Established 1986

LynxAE, Unit 1, Hill View, Raunds Road, Chelveston, Wellingborough NN9 6AA
Tel : 07831 556973   
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Lynx AE Rolling Road Tuning

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We have now moved our rolling road to our own new premises.

Our rolling road dyno facilities are well established and are being used by manufactures of Racing cars, Motorbikes and Buggies such as Mallock Sports, ILMOR Engineering, RML Group, Rage Motorsport.

With 25 years experience we can offer full rolling road tuning for motorbikes and 2 wheel drive cars on our 400bhp Sun rolling road. Our rolling road dyno has been digitized and
interfaced to a computer which allows 'live time' data logging of BHP, Road Speed, Engine water temperature, Lambda meaning that your engine can be setup accurately. We also correct for changes in barometric pressure, final drive ratio and drive train type.

All customers receive a computer print out of bhp, both at flywheel and at wheels.

When mapping an ECU the rolling road can be set to hold any rpm/speed specified. The bhp is displayed in 'real time' on a large display and is recorded into a computer. Changes made can be observed as they are implemented. We can see 1/2 bhp change.

All this is available to you at the amazing price of £70 / hour + VAT.

We can also offer deals for clubs wishing to do a shoot out. Please call and discuss your needs.

Bookings available Mon - Sat. To make a booking email us :